Are you a family in crisis?  Do you know a family in crisis?  Have you ever found yourself in the middle of escalated chaos not knowing how you got there, or how to stop the “drama” from happening again?  Sometimes families are a mess to the outside world, and everyone can see the problems. But more often, families are in crisis behind closed doors.  Marriages are failing, children are rebellious and opposed to God, and couples have no idea how to repair the damage or stop the bleeding. Abby Hill is an organization that God has called to help in these situations.  Abby Hill might not have all the answers, but we know a God who does and wants to be “the repairer of the breach.”

Abby Hill has secured 144 acres on which to build a campus that will serve to help families stay together in the following ways:

  • Short-term residential living for at-risk parents and their children in an agrarian/artisan culture that is safe, simple, and sustainable.
  • Individual Training Sessions
    • healing and wholeness
    • marriage enrichment
    • parent coaching.
  • Group training sessions
    • parenting classes
    • parenting practicums
    • family-focused day camps
    • family fun festivals
  • Retreats and respite care
  • Venues for Special Occasions

Please call (501-463-7551) or email brantperrigo@gmail.com to see how Abby Hill can help you, or perhaps you can play a part in helping Abby Hill.  


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One thought on “About

  1. God bless Brandt and Michelle! You have spirits that fly with the Angels!
    I love and miss you both so very much!
    Sending my love to the family from Minnesota! ❤️


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